Eurotherm Controller

Eurotherm Controller

The innovative Eurotherm controller is a smart solution for achieving exact temperature and process control. The single loop controller from Eurotherm allows for the management of vital process variables. A single loop device will capably control thermal or process equipment within a system. Eurotherm single loop process controllers offer the ultimate in implementation and operational ease. User-friendly features include quick start codes, help options and automatic tuning. You can receive: 1) clear process feedback, 2) immediate heater fault indicators, 3) remote setpoint solutions for multiple zones, 4) custom alarm messages, and more. The instruments’ advanced features benefit critical thermal and processing systems. Fast integrations can be done straight from the box, without expert knowledge. Experience the smooth customization of your controller through software configuring and commissioning.

Eurotherm series 3200 Spec Sheet (pdf)

Eurotherm series 3200 Installation (pdf)

Eurotherm series 3200 Driver for LabVIEW Applications (pdf)


Eurotherm Temperature Controller Delivers Stability

Real values are easily obtained with the full-featured capabilities of a Eurotherm temperature controller. Eurotherm is known for engineering instrumentation that supports the stable temperature control required by today’s industrial processes. An integrated temperature/process control is important to industries that perform sensitive tasks, such as heat treatments or semiconductor processing. Eurotherm is a premier manufacturer designing process controllers so users can spend less time on engineering calculations and re-engineering configurations. This leading brand of controllers includes models with valuable features, such as: heater failure detection, timers and a setpoint programmer. At Hi-Watt, we distribute the top performing controllers in a variety of panel sizes, including space-saving dimensions. Contact us to discuss controller specifications, features and more!

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