Temperature Sensors and Process Sensors

Temperature Sensors and Process Sensors

Rely on temperature sensors that deliver accurate measurements, even in extreme environments. At Hi-Watt, we offer temperature sensors for general and specialized sensor applications. Temperature sensing devices are frequently thermocouples or RTDs. Both sensors measure precise temperatures using electrical signals. Our thermocouples offer rapid responses in applications ranging from semiconductor to industrial processing. Our resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) measure temperature with a high degree of accuracy. We offer a full selection of commercial and industrial temperature sensors, including:

Non Contact Infrared


Accurate Temperature Control Sensors

Our industry-leading temperature control sensors are engineered according to diligent quality standards. A controller with an integrated temperature sensor can record exact measurements for a range of air, gases, liquids and solids. The industrial controller for temperature can respond to sensor feedback. The sensor and controller work effortlessly together to effectively control processing temperatures. Call us today to learn more!


Each sensor type differs by range, accuracy level, affordability and other factors. We can assist you in locating the right sensor for your unique temperature control system.

Process Sensors for Industrial Applications

Hi-Watt is your trusted distributor of the leading temperature and process sensors for the following industries and applications:

  • Oven Heating
  • Die Casting
  • Heat Treating
  • R&D Lab Equipment
  • Chemical Processing
  • Plastics Processing (injection molding, blow molding, heat staking/welding)
  • Extrusion (melt bolt, pressure, linear sensing)

We have the best industrial process sensors with various response times to meet specialized requirements. Our performance instruments come in a range of shapes and materials, depending upon their use and environments.

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