Heat Trace Pipe

Heat Trace

Freeze protection comes from electrical heat trace systems for industrial and construction applications. In buildings, water pipes and sprinkler systems are protected from freeze damage with these systems. When pipes require more than basic insulation protection, standard heat trace cable offers solutions. More advanced cable products are available for more demanding environments where freeze avoidance is critical. And conveniently, some self-regulating cables can be cut to fit specific pipe lengths. Pipe size, material and other properties must be factored into the development of a heat trace system.

Heat Trace Pipe Solutions

The heating of metal or plastic pipes can prevent commercial losses. Our heat trace pipe replaces lost heat in a range of environments. Different applications demand varying amounts of heat to compensate for losses and maintain desired pipe or vessel temperature. The electrical tracing of heat can be sophisticated or less complex. It can work in standard or hazardous conditions. Hi-Watt is ready to help in the development of a complete heat tracing pipe system which includes heating cable, terminations, controls and other accessories. Special cable jackets can safeguard against environment, moisture and even chemicals.

Pipe Tracing for Freeze Prevention

Ensure that fluid continues to flow properly with pipe tracing thermal products. Industrial grade reliability and proven technology come together with interior and exterior heating. We have the targeted equipment for water line freeze prevention in a variety of conditions, including extreme cold. A quality electrical pipe tracing system will control the temperature of pipes, however, it can also serve as an industrial process heater for water tanks, refrigeration systems, and other equipment. Call us to learn more!

Heat Trace Cable

Our dependable heat trace cable offers proven solutions to heating challenges with excellent performance in freeze prevention for buildings, valves, pipes and tanks. This type of cable is also ideal for viscosity control in the industrial environment. It can de-ice a gutter or roof. Heat trace cable may simply be called heating cable. Hi-Watt provides industrial heat trace cables in self-limiting or constant wattage types. Convenient, self-regulating heating cable makes automatic adjustments to output. Less heat is generated as the surface or ambient temperature rises, and vice versa. In comparison, constant wattage cable maintains an exact temperature dependably. Heat Trace Cable


Heating Cable in Heat Tracing Systems

Built for long and short runs, heating cable supports the successful heat tracing of pipes, tanks and other systems. Our cable manufacturers are committed to providing reliable freeze protection and the safeguarding of fluid movement. Cable is available that is specially built for hazardous, construction or industrial environments. These heating cable products can provide corrosion, chemical and oxidation resistance when required. Mineral insulated heating cable is often selected for its high temperature, high wattage capabilities. From cable to strip heaters, Hi-Watt has the best thermal solutions.

Brisk Heat Specifications

  • Continuous maintenance temperature: 250oF (120oC)
  • Intermittent exposure temperature: 366oF (185oC) maximum; -40oF (-40oC) minimum
  • 5, 10, or 15 watts/ft (16, 33, 49 watts/m)
  • Supply voltages: 110 - 120VAC or 208 - 277VAC
  • Moisture, chemical, and flame resistant
  • 16AWG bus wires
  • Tinned copper braid resistance: 0.003 ohms/ft (0.010 ohms/m)

Heat Trace Pipe

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